If you are having problems accessing this online course, please check or try the following first:


  1. Check the Status of the system via the link on the Logon page
  2. Turn off Pop-up blockers for this site
  3. Ensure that you have Flash loaded
  4. Check your connection speed - 1Mbps or more is recommended
  5. If modules do not load, try a different PC or try a little later
  6. If the connection seems slow - try a different one i.e. at home or another work location
  7. If your logon is not working - 'Type in' your logon ID and password as Copy / Pasting a password sometimes results in extra characters being added
  8. Remember that the Password is 'case sensitive'
  9. If you have lost (or can't remember) your password. Use the 'Lost password' option to send a new password to the main contact at your company for Feature Teacher - note, this may not be you so be careful!
  10. It may be worth trying a different browser such as Firefox or even Google Chrome
  11. Users of Vista may experience problems when trying to open modules using IE.  This course was developed using Web standards and due to IE's lack of standardization we have found problems when running on Vista.  Therefore, the only supported browser on Vista for this course is Firefox

If you have tried / checked all of the above, please send a detailed email of your particular problem to with as much detail of the problem and system configuration as possible; in order to assist us in assisting you.


Thank you, the Vocale support team